Sample Analysis

Laboratory analysis is the only way to know for certain if a material contains asbestos or not.

EHS is a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) endorsed laboratory for analysis of bulk samples of building materials and soil samples for the presence of asbestos.

Any person who is suitably trained and experienced in a safe method for taking samples of ACM can take samples for the purpose of analysis under the Regulations. Samples People taking samples should assess the risk and implement appropriate controls.

If samples are taken for the purpose of determining if asbestos is present, it is important that representative samples are taken. They need to be placed in sealed containers and appropriately labelled to enable the location of the sample to be clearly identified at a later time.

With an experienced team of analysts EHS offer a variety of turnaround times to suit budget and time restrains. We understand asbestos is a hazardous material and can shut down work sites, so we endeavour to provide results in the quickest possible time.