Health and Safety

EHS provide services and advice to our clients to develop, implement, support and promote Health and Safety in their organisation. Our aim is to assist our clients in protecting their most valuable assets, their employees and their families, by providing a healthy and safe work environment.

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances

Dangerous goods and hazardous substances can cause injury and death and can also seriously damage property and the environment. These types of goods and substances are widely used in industry, so it’s vital that they are stored, handled and transported safely.
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Heat Stress

Heat Strain occurs when the body’s core temperature rises above 38°c due to total heat load. Symptoms of heat stress in hot conditions are varied but include sweating, dehydration, prickly heat, exhaustion and in extreme cases may cause delirium, disorientation and death.
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Respirator Fit Testing

Fit testing is used to assess whether the respirator assigned to a person forms an adequate seal around their face and verifies whether the wearer is provided the required level of protection against exposure to hazardous atmospheric contaminants and biological contaminants.
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Risk Assessments

Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires reasonable care to be undertaken to identify hazards and risks in the workplace. Property risk management should also be included in risk assessments of your business operations protecting employees and employers, whilst maintaining an efficient workplace. Risk assessments provide advice regarding the implementation of control measures to minimise or mitigate these identified risks.
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Spray Booths

Spray paint used in the manufacturing and automotive collision repair industries is considered to be hazardous. Inhalation of paint vapours and overspray may result in adverse health effects, requiring properly designed and ventilated spray painting booths, regular maintenance and testing of air respiratory protection and regular breathing air quality testing.
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Asbestos Awareness Training

If you are undertaking removal work (or may come into contact with asbestos) or loose fill asbestos insulation or naturally occurring asbestos likely to be found at a workplace, then specific training requirements for asbestos work apply in addition to your primary duty of care.
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