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in Soil

Managing asbestos in soil has implications for the current and future occupants of the land and/or any workers employed on the site. 

The potential for materials containing asbestos to generate airborne asbestos fibres (at which point asbestos may become a human health risk) varies significantly depending upon the form of the asbestos material.

The site history and information about how it came to be contaminated with asbestos provide useful insight into the nature of the issue and what further information may be needed. The principal considerations in determining how to manage asbestos in soil include:

  • the form of the asbestos containing material, and how readily it generates airborne fibres
  • the extent or scale of asbestos contamination on the property
  • whether the asbestos is predominantly on the surface or is buried at depth and
  • the current and possible future uses of the affected land and whether these uses may materially affect the risk posed from the asbestos containing material.

If there is any uncertainty in how to assess these factors, it is recommended you contact us for expert advice to investigate and assess the site including the soil and develop appropriate risk management strategies.