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Noise Management

Does your workplace have noisy equipment?

Do employees at your workplace wear hearing protection?

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2007 require employers to take action to reduce the incidence and severity of hearing loss within their workplace.

BY identifying, assessing and controlling risks arising from exposure of employees to noise in the workplace.

Noise is one of the most widespread and underestimated of workplace hazards. Workers exposed to high noise levels are at risk of suffering permanent noise induced hearing loss. Noise at lower levels can also be a hazard.


EHS performs all of the necessary work associated with noise management in the workplace, including:

  • Conducting comprehensive noise surveys of workplaces to identify high noise risk equipment and areas
  • Area and equipment sound level measurements
  • Personal noise dosimetry
  • Noise contour mapping
  • Development of Noise Management Plans
  • Conducting noise and hearing conservation training


Comprehensive noise assessments assists the employer, employees and contractors by providing the necessary information for:

  • Protecting employees hearing
  • Meeting organisations duty of care under the Noise Regulations
  • Establishing the basis of a Noise Control and Hearing Conservation Program
  • Raising employee awareness of noise hazards
  • Setting priorities for engineering controls
  • Producing noise maps to highlight areas where hearing protection should be worn
  • Assisting in the selection of hearing protection (PPE)

Environmental Health Solutions (EHS) can assist your organisation to comply with all your noise related legal obligations.