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Atmospheric Contaminants

The majority of industrial processes can generate atmospheric contaminants in the form of:

  • Dusts
  • Gases
  • Vapours
  • Mists

The potential outcome is that persons working in such areas can be exposed to these contaminants by breathing the contaminated air. 

Over 700 chemicals have occupational exposure limits with regard to acceptable atmospheric concentrations, in recognition of such potential worker exposures.

EHS employs qualified Occupational Hygienists experienced in identifying and measuring atmospheric contaminants generated from industrial processes.
We evaluate the risks and report the results and recommend control measures to protect people working in those environments.


EHS has a broad range of skills in the assessment of atmospheric contaminants including:

  • Personal and area monitoring for many contaminants such as:
    – Respirable and inhalable dusts
    – Crystalline Silica
    – Asbestos and SMF
    – VOC’s
    – Metals
  • Direct reading (real-time) measurements
  • Long-term, (time-weighted average) measurements
  • Conducting hazard awareness training
  • Environmental testing


Using EHS to conduct atmospheric contaminant surveys will benefit businesses by:

  • Meeting their regulatory duty of care
  • Improving workplace conditions
  • Ensuring protection of workers health
  • Raising employee awareness of workplace hazards
  • Encouraging employee participation in OHS programs
  • Setting priorities for engineering controls
  • Potentially reducing insurance claims and premiums