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Cleaning & Disinfection Evaluations

Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19 there has been an increase in the demand for environmental cleaning and disinfection services and due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 ensuring proper cleaning and disinfection of sites has become increasingly important.

Environmental Health Solutions (EHS) has created the following information sheet in response to the increase in enquiries for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Evaluations.

The environment can play an important role in the transmission of infections. Assessing environmental cleanliness is an integral part of any infection prevention and control program. 


Cleaning and disinfection standards measuring compliance using visual auditing alone can be misleading as visually clean surfaces may not necessarily be free of pathogens. EHS recommends applying an environmental monitoring process to aid visual assessment in determining effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures as this will provide:

  • Independent evaluation of cleaning effectiveness
  • Provide reliable data to support disinfection effectiveness
  • Provide useful information for managers to inform and reassure their staff

Methodology and Scope

The analytical methodologies EHS would use to conduct assessments are described in more detail below.

The measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate Bioluminescence (ATP) (a compound that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells) on surfaces using luciferase assay and luminometer. Surfaces of interest are swabbed, and readings reported in RLU (relative light units), which will determine presence of surface ATP from viable microorganisms, non-viable microorganisms and other organic debris. These are compared to reference ranges to give an indication of cleanliness. This technique yields immediate results and follows a solid scientifically backed methodology. The ATP monitoring will be undertaken in combination with visual observations and review of cleaning principles applied.

At the completion of the assessment, we will provide a written report detailing the results of the evaluation which will include a comparison of results with relevant reference ranges, Department of Health, cleaning and disinfection principles and recommendations on any additional control measures or modifications to work practices that may be required. This fast turnaround service allows for corrective actions to be taken quickly, such as re-cleaning or re-training environmental services staff members.

Please contact EHS on, or phone us on 1300 856 510 if you are interested in these services or have any questions.