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/Project Management

Project Management

We have the in-house expertise to manage every aspect of a project ensuring predetermined time, cost and quality objectives are achieved.

At Environmental Health Solutions (EHS) we provide innovative guidance in occupational hygiene, environmental solutions, and workplace health and safety. Proudly staffed by seasoned experts, each boasting over 30 years of invaluable experience in their respective fields.

We are committed to identifying workplace hazards and risks, and we take this requirement seriously providing valuable insights and recommendations on the implementation of effective control measures to minimise or mitigate the identified risks, ensuring a safer and more productive working environment.

EHS stands at the forefront of providing project management and design solutions, built on a foundation of innovative and practical risk management consulting. We are driven by a resolute vision to lead as the premier provider of top-tier occupational hygiene, health, safety, and environmental consulting services throughout Australia.